Produced by nature, unadulterated by man.
Oil in the Raw, St. Dominick, Cornwall, PL12 6TE, England
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The Kalamata olive, organic, hand-picked, plump, fleshy, purple, and juicy, there is no need for any marinade to enhance the natural flavour of these delicious olives.

Oil in the Raw offers only this one type of olive: the Greek Kalamon. As the whole of the Peloponnese is planted with Kalamon trees, this does tend to dictate your choice  Nevertheless, we challenge you to find a better-tasting olive, anywhere.

Judge your olives by the fruit, not by the marinade!

The curing process is a three-month soaking in a natural brine of sea salt and spring water. No more, no less. When packed in the 6 kg tin, however, a small amount of organic vinegar plus a dash of organic olive oil is added to prevent natural fermentation.

Our customers frequently tell us that our organic table olives are the best olives they have ever tasted, so we see no point in offering alternatives.

No need to refrigerate; kept properly, they should not go off for at least two years! Yes, two years! (makes you wonder what's done to other olives, doesn't it?)

Organic Olives