Real, unadulterated, single estate, stoned pressed Greek Olive Oil
Produced by nature, unadulterated by man.
Oil in the Raw, St. Dominick, Cornwall, PL12 6TE, England
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Prices and Delivery shown in online sales and ordering pages.
All prices are correct at the time of publishing - be a poor job if they weren't.
Oil in the Raw reserves the right to alter prices - daft statement to have to make.  
Customers would be advised of any such changes in advance.

. . . is effected by an independent courier company. They normally deliver to a UK mainland address on our behalf within three working days of the goods leaving our warehouse.
 Shipment abroad, wholesale supplies and prices, etc. will require individual quotations; we shall be pleased to give our personal attention.
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Terms of Trading

. . . is required before the despatch of any goods:
- by direct, over-the-counter, bank transfer in favour of Oil in the Raw
- by post, with cheque (allow 5 days' clearing minimum), UK postal orders, international money order.
- for currencies other than UK £ sterling, please contact us.
The facility to pay online and by credit / debit card, will be available at a later date.

Returns / Refund requests
. . .Oil in the Raw will hopefully not give cause for an order to be returned to us, once delivered.
Nevertheless, we will abide by current consumer-protection legislation and consumers' rights will be safe.
In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction with an order, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to rectify any justifiable cause for complaint.
Goods damaged in transit will be replaced, of course, providing that the courier's delivery sheet is noted with the defect/s on receipt by the consignee at the delivery address and the recipient notifies Oil in the Raw immediately thereafter.
A mere change of mind within seven days of despatch, although irritating and a waste of several peoples' time, plus needless expense, may result in a change of product, if it remains unopened and with the seal still intact. The customer must pay for the return of the goods to our warehouse in such circumstances. Our produce cannot be offered for resale as original and uncontaminated, if the container has been opened or the seal broken.

Vat status
Oil in the Raw - Vat registration number: GB 777 5337 84
. . . In the UK, at present, foodstuffs do not incur Vat.
The stainless steel olive oil dispensers, however, attract Vat at 20%.

Description of products and packaging
. . . Each olive oil and the olives are described on our product pages.
The olive oils are packed in robust Greek tin drums, the like of which can be seen in households all over Greece.
These are filled with the new season's olive oil, and sealed, at each village olive press at the time of the harvest - some time between November and March of each year. The filled cans are measured by weight rather than volume; our olive farmers do not possess mechanisms to measure in litres. They simply weigh out 17 kilogrammes on a scale.
- for reference: one litre of water equates to one kilogramme;
oil is heavier, so 17 kgs of olive oil equate to just under 17 litres.
Our table olives come in lined tins containing 6kgs drained weight of fruit, plus a natural brine of sea salt and spring water. (Raw Foodies should note that a dash of organic vinegar plus a splash of real olive oil is added to each tin of olives before sealing).

Oil in the Raw, St.Dominick, Cornwall PL12 6TE. Great Britain.

The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Act 2000, si 2000 no 2334, Assigned into UK Directive 97/7/EC applies.