Real, unadulterated, single estate, stoned pressed Greek Olive Oil
Produced by nature, unadulterated by man.
Oil in the Raw, St. Dominick, Cornwall, PL12 6TE, England
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For the past 15 years, Oil in the Raw has supplied only certified organic produce.
With effect from June 2012 - now - we are, with reluctance, abandoning our requirement of a certificate from the olive farmer to prove in legal, official terms, that his / her produce is the result of natural growth unaided by chemical applications.
Instead, personal acquaintanceship / familiarity with our olive farmers will satisfy Oil in the Raw's demand for the best in natural olive oil and olives. The olive farmers who supply us have no intention of applying chemical fertilizers nor poisonous pesticides to their crops any more than we have in consuming them.
We are no longer permitted to use the term "organic", where there is no   

The transition - from certified to uncertified, non-organic

inspection or certification, and so this word is omitted from descriptions of the produce we offer in the UK. Nevertheless, as our tradition over the past 15 years has been only to supply certified produce, and our name has become associated with this term, it remains possible that a rare oversight or association may appear in error, and should be ignored. It is not our intention to mislead.
A few years ago, when Mr A. Dasi-Sutton of Defra informed us that up to 1% of any certified organic food product could be non-organic - yes, even genetically modified - Oil in the Raw became disillusioned with organic "standards", and resolved to do our own monitoring of natural quality. Consider, for example, pure, natural, spring water - with 1% sewage added - would you want to drink it? Would it still be pure? Would it still be organic? Will a certificate inform you of this?
Natural, or not natural. Black or white. Simple.
Note that this "standard"  was set through Defra, the government body, not the Soil Association or other organic certifying body. These latter, noble organisations have, I believe, much higher levels of integrity, but are perhaps victims of bullying and commercial pressure. Be aware!