Real, unadulterated, single estate, stoned pressed Greek Olive Oil
Produced by nature, unadulterated by man.
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You in the Kitchen

A lovely moistness is imparted to baked foods made with olive oil.
Sweet, as well as savoury, pastries, desserts, cakes and biscuits are made with olive oil.
The keeping qualities of baked foods made with olive oil are improved.
Olive oil gives your baking a lovely consistency with the subtlest of flavours.

Rubbing meat with good olive oil before cooking in the oven helps seal in the natural juices.
Basting with olive oil during the roasting process will enhance the meat's flavour.
Finish off a roasting joint of beef by basting it 15 minutes before the end with olive oil. Scrummy.

Due to its capability of reaching very high temperatures without smoking, olive oil is the most suitable fat for frying.
Rather than being immediately absorbed, olive oil coats and seals the food during frying.
Moisture is sealed in the food during deep frying.
When heated, olive oil increases in volume, so a smaller amount is needed for frying.
Try olive oil for a stir fry.

Side dishes and salads:
A memorable Greek dish is a simple plate of butter beans flavoured with garlic and swimming in best olive oil.
The Greek way is to slop best olive oil on most things edible. It's a case of something with olive oil, rather than the other way round.
In Mani, a plate of mountain greens (horta) doused with best olive oil will excite the interest of the most hardened goatherd.
Mayonnaise: never again will you touch a commercial version once you've tried your own home-made with any one of these olive oils.